Expressions Of My City

For Lane Crawford's Grand Opening of their first Mainland Department Store, a large event and party was help during which Lu Xinjian was commissioned by the famous department store to create several art works, most notably a neon cityscape in his signature CITY DNA style running on a flash program for their main front window. The piece perfectly captured the brilliant glamour of the high profile event and sought to demonstrate the outward growth of the company's expansion into the energetic city of Shanghai, centred on a small blue square noting Lane Crawford's location on Huaihai Lu in Shanghai's retail centre and expanding outward into the rest of the surrounding space. 

He was also commissioned to do a CITY DNA painting, his 4th at the time (now in the collection of ART 021 co-founder Bao Yifeng), that was hung in the main entranceway to the store, as well as a very special limited edition of Dre Beats headphones, featuring the pattern from the CITY DNA Shanghai painting.





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